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Original Drama ~Haruka & Rin~

Original Drama ~Haruka & Rin~
Free! Character Song Duet Series 004
Nanase Haruka, 七瀬遙 (Shimazaki Nobunaga)
Matsuoka Rin, 松岡 凛 (Miyano Mamoru)

Rin:Hey, Haru. Thanks for lending me the bath first.
Rin:Huh? …Did Makoto go home already?
Haruka:He said he had to put Ren and Ran to sleep. The extra T-shirts are in there. Pick whichever you want.
Rin:Oh, thanks. [opens the drawer, pulls up a shirt] Yeaaaaah, what the hell is this?
Haruka:It’s the Northern Stoplit Loosy-kun T-shirt. Wearing that to sleep will help you to sleep deeply, as if you were at the bottom of the ocean.
Rin:As usual, you make no sense. [pauses] By the way… that thing you had in the bath…
Haruka:The loofah?
Rin No.
Haruka:[thinks] The Essential™ shampoo?
Rin:No! That ornament… you know, the dolphin one.
Haruka:Oh, that.
Rin:It’s the one you got from Iwatobi SC, right? I can’t believe you still have that.
Haruka:You got one, too.
Rin:Y–Yeah… It disappeared somewhere.
Haruka:I see.
Rin:Well, I can’t bring useless stuff like that to Samezuka’s dorms, anyway.
Haruka:… [doesn't comment] Is it okay that you don’t go back to your dorm tonight?
Rin:Yeah, I got permission to spend the night off-campus.
Haruka:I wasn’t expecting you to be sleeping over.
Rin:It’s been a long time since I was last in your house. But… [looks around] Not only is that dolphin ornament there, your room is still the same as I remember! [laughs] You really haven’t changed.
Haruka:The futon’s over there. Lay it out yourself.
Rin:…Are you even listening to me?
Haruka:Or do you want to sleep together in the bed again like old times?
Rin:LISTEN TO ME! [sighs] Being your double act has made me hungry. This is your fault.
Haruka:Don’t blame me. Let’s eat something then. Just so you know, there’s no meat here.
Rin:What do you have then?
Rin:Besides mackerel.
Rin:What kind of a house is this? I don’t care, just make something. Makoto mentioned that you’re good at cooking.
Haruka:I’m only as good as the average person. All right then, let’s go downstairs.

x x x

Rin:Hey, mackerel miso! Looks good. Time to eat– [bites] IT’S SALTY! What the heck is this? Did you mix up the sugar with salt?
Haruka:This is one of the dishes that Makoto failed at making the other day.
Rin:Then don’t feed it to me!
Haruka:It’s perfect when you eat it with ten bowls of rice.
Rin:That’s not good! Feed me something normal!

x x x

Rin:[puts down chopsticks and sighs] That was great! Thanks for the food. Japanese food is nice once in awhile. The next time I come here, I’ll cook you something.
Haruka:You can cook?
Rin:Yeah, when I was abroad I had to cook for myself. So, I can manage the basics… Hey, you have cookbooks. And… [dryly] They’re all about mackerel. Man, you’ve got a really biased repertoire… Hmm? This is…
Haruka:Our elementary school’s graduation album.
Rin:Oh, this brings me back… Hey, we wrote essays that were published in here, didn’t we? [flips through the pages] Ah. [snickers] “Water is alive.”
Rin:“Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack.” [laughs]
Rin:[laughing] What are you trying to sound all contemplative for?
Haruka:Hey, don’t read other people’s essays! [grabs the book, turns the page]
Rin:Ah! …Hey, Haru!
Haruka:“My Shining.”
Haruka:“Iwatobi Elementary School is irreplaceable to me.”
Haruka:“The sparkling windows, the fluttering butterflies weaving their way through the school garden.”
Rin:[tries to grab the book] You asshole–
Haruka:“All of it dazzles and makes me shining!”
Rin:Don’t read it out loud!
Haruka:“That is where I also found my other Shining.”
Rin:HARU! [still grabbing for the book] HARU!
Haruka:“If we are able to fly together, than a sea of light that spreads out endlessly–”

x x x

Rin:Oh. Thanks for pulling out the futon.
Haruka:You didn’t bring your pillow?
Rin:As if I would.
Haruka:Will you be able to get to sleep?
Rin:Don’t make fun of me.
Haruka:Are you leaving early tomorrow morning?
Rin:I’ll be waking up at 6 to go for a jog before I go. If I miss even a day’s training, it affects my performance.
Haruka:Then I’ll run with you.
Rin:[laughs] Okay. Good night.
Haruka:I’m turning off the light.
[Haru turns off the light and walks to his bed]
Rin:…I see a book under your bed.
Rin:[grinning, reaches towards the book] Haru! Even you read stuff like this, huh?
Haruka:[blocks him] STOP, THAT’S…!
Rin:What, are you embarrassed?
Haruka:I’m not embarrassed…
Rin:Then what’s the problem?
Rin:…All right, I won’t look at it. Relax. [flops back onto the futon]
Haruka:… [slowly lies back down in bed]
Rin:By the way… you haven’t taken a bath yet, have you… Go take one.
Haruka:No. I’ll do it in the morning.
Rin:Have you gone to the bathroom?
Haruka:I don’t want to.
Rin:[giggles] What, are you that worried about leaving me alone here? Don’t worry, I absolutely will not look at that book right there underneath your bed.
Rin:C’mon, don’t be so embarrassed. All guys have books like that under their beds.
Haruka:I see… Then, Rin, does that include you?
Rin:No comment on that.
Haruka:…You dodged the question.
Rin:[yawns] I’m gonna sleep now.
Haruka:Okay… Good night.
[Rin turns over and eventually makes light snoring noises] Haruka:…Rin? Are you asleep?
Haruka:I’ll go take a bath.
[Haru quietly walks out of the room]
Rin:[quietly giggles] You fell for it, Haru. Now, while I still can–
Rin:Wah?! I thought you were taking a bath!
Haruka:I forgot my underwear.
Rin:Don’t forget your underwear!
Haruka:Why have you got your hand shoved underneath my bed?
Rin:I’m helping you look for your underwear.
Haruka:You’re not fooling anyone. Don’t touch that book.
Rin:[pulls out the book] Yeah, right.
Haruka:Give that back!
Haruka:Give that back!
Rin:Haru, what are you getting all upset for? That only makes me want to see it more! I’m definitely gonna have a look!
Haruka:Rin! Cut it out!
Rin:[walking across the room] It’s so dark here, I can’t see anything! Gotta turn on the light!
[Rin turns on the light]
Rin:…Haru… you…
Rin:“Monthly Issue of Japan’s Famous Mineral Springs and Me”…
Rin:And it comes with a free DVD enclosed…
Haruka:I’m not lending it to you.
Rin:I don’t want it. [laughs, then sighs] This just got really stupid all of a sudden. I’m going to bed.
Haruka:Then… I’ll go take a bath. Just to be clear, that book is really rare. You can’t find it anywhere anymore. If you insist that much on looking at it though, I can be convinced to–

x x x

[Haru quietly enters his bedroom. RIN is sleeping]
Haruka:[smiles] Good night, Rin.

x x x

Haruka:Want to run along the coast?
Rin:Hey, Haru.
Rin:Well… Thing is, I remembered. [awkwardly] Gou put it up for display in our front hall. The dolphin ornament.
Rin:I’m going ahead! [runs off]

Translator's Notes
“Ookuchin-hosoe-son” (オオクチンホソエソン, translated here “Northern Stoplit Loosy”) is a parody of the name of the real “Ookuchi-hoshie-so” (オオクチホシエソ, Northern Stoplight Loosejaw), altared to make it sound more cutesy. It’s referring to a character in the game that Haruka mentions in the first FrFr!

Translation by: onkeikun

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